Red Raider Soccer Academy Rosters

Parents below you will find the rosters for FC Dallas Lubbock (teams).

Some of the rosters are set and the coaches are in control of the groups.  Pool players will be contacted by the coach listed with their team.  The pool players will play with that team for every league date.  If you are not contacted by coaches before Friday the coach cell phone numbers are contained in the Pool Player spread sheet.. 

The spread sheet contains multiple pages please click the tab of the age group your child is registered for.  (MS Excel spread sheet)

**It is very possible that we have missed a few pool players.  If you are a pool player (POOL PLAYER ONLY) and you do not see your name associated with a team please email redraidersoccercamp@gmail.com and we will get you with the correct team.***

If you are a team player and are not sure of the academy league process please contact the coach with whom you are registered.